Violet Bemis

Junior Developer

Warning: Don’t be fooled by Violet’s sweet, innocent smile. She is a bad-ass, a Sludge Metal fan (she loves slow, heavy guitar riffs) — rumor has it that instead of a mattress, she sleeps hanging upside-down like a bat, and she may have some black-magic stuff lying around, too. Okay, so maybe some of this isn’t true, except the Sludge Metal bad-ass part. What we do know is that Violet — our newest developer—is known for getting things done, with an action-oriented attitude and attention to detail that is unmatched. She’s also a talented artist, which lends a distinct character to her work; think left and right brain teaming up in the best way possible, a happy marriage of art and development skills that results in stunning layouts our clients dig. But there’s also a softer side to Violet—she has an Instagram account for her fish, likes the color teal, and loves sailing. But most of all, she loves wombats. Don’t we all?

Areas of Expertise: