Matt Rideout

Marketing Consultant

He can build a car from scratch. People mistake his driveway for a scrapyard—the man owns 34 Jeeps, give or take a few. Rare Jeeps at that. But Matt is a rare specimen, and his contributions at iBec bear this out. It’s why he knows the hard data about how our client’s customers use websites, why he has mind-blowing presentation skills, complete with unexpected jokes at just the right moment, why he is always thinking ahead and preparing for the future, and why he can help clients discern the difference between what they want for their customers and what they need. Matt can’t wait to find you more customers. He’ll literally jump up and down with excitement as he sees conversion rates increase. Can you blame him?

Scrum Certified Product Owner

Web Project Management

Web Web Design & Development

Digital Marketing & Advertising Digital Marketing & Advertising

Web Application Prototyping & Development