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Matt Belair

Vice President

Photo of Matt Belair

Sean Brousseau

Development Lead

Photo of Sean Brousseau

Emily Drappi

Director of Strategy

Photo of Emily Drappi

Brock Ginther

Senior Developer

Photo of Brock Ginther

Jen MacLeod

Office Manager

Photo of Jen MacLeod

Rob Mathieu


Photo of Rob Mathieu

Nate McCraven

Business Development

Photo of Nate McCraven

Becky McKinnell


Photo of Becky McKinnell

Jesse Plate

Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

Photo of Jesse Plate

Chelsea Pullan

Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

Photo of Chelsea Pullan

Matthew A. K. Smith

Design Lead

Photo of Matthew A. K. Smith

Tobey Tozier

Web Designer

Photo of Tobey Tozier

Steve Walls

Senior Tech Support Developer

Photo of Steve Walls

Sophie Washington

Digital Marketing Intern

Photo of Sophie Washington

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