What's the difference between Agile Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing Plans?

The More You Know

At iBec, we believe that an Agile Digital Marketing Plan produces greater results to your bottom line because we can respond to change and refine rather than creating a comprehensive marketing plan for a full year that has a high potential to fail.

  • Rather than having an opinion over what we think is the best solution, we rely on validated learning (like what we learn from screen recordings, user stories and heat maps on your site).
  • It is critical that our teams collaborate. Teamwork and shared understanding creates more impact and saves time compared to silos and hierarchy.
  • Our digital marketing campaigns are adaptive and iterative; there is no such thing as a campaign that perfectly launches with a big bang.
  • We create multiple small experiments over time rather than making a few large bets.

With our Agile Digital Marketing, we deliver a continuous cycle of rapid improvements:

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