What's the difference between Agile Development and Waterfall Development

The More You Know

At iBec, instead of rigid processes and cumbersome tools, we value the conversations and interactions with the individuals on the project team (your team and our team combined).
Instead of spending hours and hours over comprehensive documentation that eventually becomes outdated, we value working deliverables that you can use and test with your customers.
We’d rather spend time collaborating rather than negotiating contracts. Wouldn’t you?

We believe it is more important to respond to change than stick to the original plan that has lost its relevancy.

  • We welcome changing requirements; all we have to do is adjust our priority list.
  • We focus on delivering working software more frequently rather than waiting months to see a “Surprise!” finished product.
  • Everyone on your team and our team work together and communicate. There’s no ‘people behind the scenes.’
  • We work at a constant pace and together we prioritize our tasks weekly based on what is going to deliver the most value and make the biggest impact on your project.
  • We believe face to face communication is the most efficient and effective method of conveying information to the project team.
  • We believe the best work will emerge from our teams working together.
  • We regularly reflect on how to become more effective and adjust our behavior accordingly.

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