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Social Media Success Strategies

Social distancing has made the power of social media grow exponentially overnight. We’ll help you harness that power and make your customer engagement stronger than ever before.

Quick Fixes

Maybe you have a strong/vision and voice but you just don’t have the time for consistent posting. Maybe you get a little interaction with your posts but you see competitors and neighbors hauling in followers and sales.
We can help.

We’ll give you an engagement strategy that followers will flock to.

Get Fixed, Quick!

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Strategy Session

Choose this option if you have the bones for what you need but you just need a jumpstart in execution or strategy.

How we will help:
We will answer your questions and help you with social hurdles like Business Manager set up and help you button up a consistent strategy on which to move forward for $250.

Strategize with Us

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Time-Saving Setup

Choose this option if you have the voice and marketing plan defined but you just don’t have the time to get it done.

How we will help:
We will help you by setting up some processes for social that will save you time and help you engage with your audience more effectively, showing you how to choose and use scheduling tools and chatbots to save time. We will also review your social metrics to find areas of opportunity such as day of the week and time to post, identify your top posts and any themes in the type of content that earns the best engagement for feed, and provide best practices and recommendations that will help you to get the most ‘bang for your buck’ in terms of time that you invest in social media going forward for $800.

Save Time with Us

Give Us the Keys

If you just don't have the time to make your social sing, you can also just give us the keys. For as long (or as short) as you need a break, we can take over and with your voice and a strong engagement strategy, generate as much social love and growth as we can on your behalf.

How we will help:
We will work with you to create a social strategy for your brand that will help you to get your brand in front of new eyes, eyes that you’re not seeing in your physical store right now. We will review your social data to identify best practices unique to your business and its followers in order to grow the engagement of your existing followers. Targeting key areas for follower growth and engagement, we will get your sign-off and then implement your new strategy so that you can sit back and watch the likes and follows roll in. Once we establish a new baseline for you, you may decide to jump back in yourself and keep it going, or maybe the weight off your shoulders will be such a relief you'll want our help with social management long-term, either way is fine with us — we'll be here to support you and amplify your voice however we can!

Our monthly pricing depends on how often we'll be hosting on your behalf and which platforms. Let's talk and we'll be able to give you a few recommendations.

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