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The More You Know

As part of our Digital Marketing Program, these traffic driving strategies are refined on an ongoing basis as we continue to test new ideas, measure results, and receive market feedback. Our goal here is to reduce your cost-per-acquisition and focus your spend on the best opportunities. Here’s an overview of some of the ways we can drive more traffic to your website:


Google AdWords

Our Google AdWords certified team members will create tailored and targeted campaigns that will drive high quality traffic to your website. We'll monitor your AdWords campaign performance on an ongoing basis to make sure it’s running smoothly and that your money is being spent wisely and effectively.

Adwords ads can help drive traffic in the following ways:

  • Instantly move to the top of search engine results
  • Bring visitors back to your website after they've left
  • Attract new visitors with branded banner ads
  • Show video ads to users as they browse the web and YouTube


Search Engine Optimization

Our digital marketing team can reveal the keyword searches people are using to find your website and your competitors'. With this information, we can structure a content strategy that will help your site out-rank the competition while selling prospects on your products and services. Search engine optimization can take time before improvements are seen. A paid advertising strategy can immediately drive more traffic to your website before the SEO starts to take effect. In the long run, SEO can reduce your reliance on paid advertising and improve the cost-effectiveness of your digital marketing.


Content Strategy Updates

Often times content needs to be analyzed by a second pair of eyes who are new to the copy -- and iBec is happy to do this! Expertly written content is one of the most important components a site can have because it impacts a wide variety of elements related to your site’s web presence (organic search results, time on site, pages per session, bounce rate, and more). The iBec Digital Marketing team often creates content outlines and strategies for client who want to better target their audience, and/or to make their site’s content easier to find and understand.


Email Marketing

When it comes to keeping up with your client base and overall audience, email marketing campaigns are a useful strategy to implement because it’s the most basic way to reach every member of your network, and even more essential, creating a list of contacts in your network. It’s also a good option to consider when growing your audience. Email marketing allows you to keep your audience in the loop of your brand and remind them of your services/products.


Inbound Link Building Strategy

When other websites of high quality and relevant subject matter link to your website, it helps your website rank better in Google search results. This strategy is especially useful for newer sites that aren’t ranking well because Google doesn’t have sufficient information to ‘trust’ them yet.

social media

Social Media & Social Advertising

Depending on your product or service, a social media campaign may be a good strategy to connect with your audience. Running a contest or boosting a post can stimulate activity among your following, and grow your network. Facebook in particular has granular targeting tools that allow you to put your product or service in front of those that are most likely to want it. Social media platform options include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.

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