How do you know if Agile Web Development is right for you?

The More You Know

In the past you may have built a website or app and felt like you were stuck in a rigid planning process that didn't allow for change. Agile Web Development is different because the project team (your team and our team) are deciding together each week what the most important piece of functionality is to complete that will bring you the most value with the least amount of investment. Agile Web Development may be a good fit for you if:

  • Your customers are fast moving and you need to adjust your website or web app to keep up with or stay ahead them.
  • You are in a competitive market and the ability to adapt your website or web app is critical to stay ahead of competition.
  • You need to be making iterative changes quickly to improve the user experience of your website or web app.
  • You’d rather release small working updates to your website or app than wait months to launch the perfect finished website or web app.
  • You can’t define everything in the planning stages because you’re learning as you go and requirements need to change.
  • You’re comfortable with a consistent monthly budget with a changing list of projects and tasks.

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