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Magento is hands-down the most powerful ecommerce system available and the best choice for most ecommerce businesses. You'll enjoy the unlimited potential for customizations, conversion optimization and marketing, integration with other systems, and scalability that can handle tens of thousands of products. Our local designers, developers, and marketing strategists all participate in Magento training. You can trust our team to develop according to best practices, make the best use of the features Magento offers, and ensure that your installation has flexibility, scalability, security, and upgradability built in.

Think bigger

Small businesses and industry veterans both enjoy the growth potential that iBec and Magento bring to the table.

Small ecommerce businesses

We help small businesses that are just getting off the ground or are looking to jump to the next level grow with a platform that handles everything they need today, and is ready to take on their growth and customizations. Our LEAN approach to development will rapidly launch your new site or overhaul your existing site to drive more traffic and convert more of that traffic to customers.

Large ecommerce businesses

We help large ecommerce businesses grow sales by unlocking SEO potential, running expertly managed digital advertising campaigns, optimizing their Magento ecommerce shopping experience, accelerating the speed of their site, and streamlining backend system integrations to simplify order and customer management.

Measuring the success of your Magento website

Finally, answers to the question: Why Aren't People Buying? Our marketing strategists are experts at integrating measurement tools into Magento ecommerce websites. We'll help you understand the thoughts your visitors have that drive or prevent purchases from taking place. We don't take shots in the dark, hoping for a positive outcome. We use data to drive continuous, measurable improvement. Here are a few of the ways we collect and interpret data to improve your website.

Icon of a flameHeatmaps

Magento heatmaps

Know what people are paying attention to on your Magento site, and more importantly, what they're ignoring. We'll set up heatmaps to study how customers interact with your products and online checkout experience. This data will drive decisions to optimize conversions and average order value.

Icon of a film cameraScreen Recordings

Magento screen recordings

Uncover hidden bottlenecks, frustrations, and solve problems that raw numerical data and charts can't tell you. Screen recordings playback how users interact with your Magento site so we can identify where customers are leaving the purchase funnel.

Icon of of a piece of paper with a checkbox on it Customer Surveys

Magento customer surveys

The best way to know what your customers are thinking is to ask them. Our marketing strategists know how to ask questions the right way to extract valuable data from your visitors. This survey data is critical to reworking your Magento site's content and information architecture to address the questions people have that keep them from buying.

Icon of a pie chart Google Analytics

Magento enhanced Google Analytics integration

Unlock granular measurable data about customer behavior trends. Enhanced ecommerce analytics integration for Magento will allow you to see every step of the purchase process as part of a funnel; from the percentage of visitors that are looking at products, right down to the percentage of shoppers that abandon the site when they reach a particular checkout form field. This data helps eliminate even the smallest bottlenecks that are keeping some customers from purchasing.

Icon of a mouse cursor Event Tracking

Magento custom event tracking

Google analytics doesn't measure everything out of the box. Our Marketing Strategists are experts at connecting custom event tracking to various Magento ecommerce actions. For example, we can tell you what percentage of visitors click to see in store, click to call, or even look at size charts. Understanding the behaviors that help lead to conversions and the behaviors that contribute to site abandonment will help increase the percentage of visitors that purchase.

Icon of a mobile phone Call tracking

Magento call tracking

Our marketing strategists will integrate call tracking into your Magento website to demonstrate which traffic sources, website interactions, and promotions are driving calls. We can also synchronize your call data with your advertising and Magento ecommerce purchase data to show how much money it takes to generate a call, the percentage of website visitors that call, and the sales that are generated by customers that had a call interaction. Call tracking helps to complete your Magento ROI picture.

Icon of a bar graphA/B Testing

Magento A/B testing (split testing)

We run every change we recommend through an A/B testing process to ensure we're always moving your website in the right direction. It is critical to test a hypothesis for content, layout, navigation, and value proposition to ensure you are investing your budget in areas that will generate a return on investment.

Developing an action plan with this data

We translate this data into a format you can understand and take action with. We don't believe in "data dumps" – we take a qualitative approach to data assessment to explain to you what is important, what action should be taken with the site as a result, and our plan to measure the impact of the change.

Magento conversion optimization

We will help you convert a larger percentage of your traffic into customers by leveraging the unlimited ecommerce experience customization possibilities in Magento. Our marketing strategists, designers, and Magento developers coordinate to develop experiences that differentiate your ecommerce site and products from competitors.

Persuade a higher % of site visitors to buy

Your ecommerce website has a small window of opportunity to capture and hold the attention of prospective customers. Lack of clear direction, hindrances in their ability to find the products they are looking for, a frustrating checkout experience, or not providing enough information to allow a visitor to make a decision are examples of problems that can keep people from purchasing on your site. Instead, they will return to their search engine and try to find what they want on a different website.

Magento provides the flexibility you will need to tailor your website’s design, navigation, product categorization, and information architecture to the unique needs of customers shopping for your products. Magento also provides the flexibility to make your ecommerce customer experience stand above your competitors.

Increase average order value

Generate a higher return on your customer acquisition costs by increasing the value of your customers' orders. Your ability to persuade customers to purchase add-ons, upgrades or complimentary products can be the difference between profitability and unprofitability for your digital advertising investment.

Magento provides one of the largest ecosystems of extensions that improve your ability to intelligently recommend, bundle, and cross-sell products to your customers. Additionally, Magento’s flexibility will give you granular control on how these options are packaged and presented to customers for maximum effectiveness on sales potential.

Increase customer lifetime value

Once you’ve worked to acquire a customer, it’s important to leverage that relationship to maximize their lifetime value to your store. In most cases, the costs of persuading existing customers to purchase again are lower than persuading new customers that have never heard of you before.

Magento has sophisticated integration with many platforms that support nurturing relationships with an existing customer base. This may include remarketing/retargeting through Facebook or Google, email marketing, or social media. Where other systems run into limitations with what these integrations are capable of, Magento’s integrations typically allow for significantly more control and granular segmentation of customer groups. This allows for the increased profitability of continued engagement campaigns.

Keys to a profitable Magento website

It's common for customers to cross-shop different sites, and they're not just looking for price differences. There are hundreds of variables that help a customer determine whether they're willing to buy from you or go somewhere else. Magento is designed with customization, flexibility, and scalability in mind to differentiate your customer experience from competitors. This allows us to more easily leverage available opportunities for differentiation, helping persuade customers to choose you over competitors, and generate more orders.

Key No. 1: Customers buy from websites they trust

Visitors need to know, like and trust your ecommerce shop. This comes through strongly in our design, user experience, and content planning process. Building customers' confidence with frequently asked questions, chatbots, live chat, call support and lead generating "ask a question" features creates an experience customers will return to again and again. Magento has one of the world's largest communities for extensions that expand functionality, making it easy to find solutions that integrate your site with on-site and third-party services that help answer customers' questions.

Key No. 2: Navigation should be easy and intuitive

It needs to be easy to find, filter, sort and search for products. Your navigation and information architecture strategy is developed from competitor analysis and customer research. Magento has powerful extensions and a platform designed to enable customizations that enhance product search and organization. Our measurement tools tell us how people find products on your site, and provide data for improvements.

Key No. 3: Detailed product information drives sales

Detailed product information creates a better product experience that wins the SEO game and wins the sale. Magento's customizability allows us to develop more sophisticated content plans and design more intricate content layouts.

Key No. 4: Competitive value propositions set your store apart

Your value propositions need to be strong to compete with Amazon and other ecommerce websites. Testing many value propositions, styles of promotions, methods of charging for shipping, and ways of grouping, bundling, or positioning your products to gain an edge on the competition, are all easy in Magento.

Key No. 5: Third-party integrations keep your store in front of shoppers

You need to be where your customer is shopping, even if that's not on your website (Amazon, Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.). Magento has uniquely customizable integrations with third-party shopping feeds like Google Shopping, Facebook, and Amazon that allow us to create more profitable advertising campaigns. Magento makes tracking the effectiveness of advertising campaigns easy so we can identify your best opportunities for generating a positive return on investment.

Magento multi-store installations

We can build a multi-store solution that allows for one Magento codebase and Magento Admin to administer and display multiple stores. With this setup, multiple stores can be accessed from different URLs under the same Magento installation. Because all stores under the Magento multi-store installation share the same backend, the administration can be much easier. This can be valuable if you want to manage multiple brands with a single inventory system and customer database, or if you want to develop a Magento Marketplace that allows for people to create their own stores without requiring a separate Magento backend for each store.

Magento web hosting

We offer a variety of high-performance hosting options for your Magento ecommerce website based on your website’s particular needs and budget. Our virtual private cloud server solutions (VPS) for Magento offer an affordable way to get off the ground, combined with the ability to scale when the time comes. We can also host your Magento store on a dedicated server for guaranteed access to server resources such as memory, hard disk space, and bandwidth, and distribute the load of your website across multiple dedicated servers to ensure high speed and availability of your store.

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