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Digital Marketing & Advertising

Be confident that your marketing dollars are optimized for the highest return on investment and make decisions based on real data.

Your goals become our goals

Going digital is the most targeted, measurable, and profitable marketing decision you can make. We base our digital marketing strategies on your unique goals, whether you want to:

Rank #1 on Google
Boost Ecommerce Sales
Drive More Traffic
Build Your Following
Launch Your Brand

Hear what Bisson Moving & Storage has to say about us:

Hear what Bisson Moving & Storage has to say about us:

Keith Koehler (VP of Quality & Business Development, Bisson Moving & Storage)
"There are a number of things that iBec is doing, specifically that are helping us do things that we didn’t even know existed. They’re also managing our AdWords campaign which has made a big difference that our past agencies weren’t providing. Anyone that wants to increase their business and have a better looking website and work with people that are fun to work with and caring and exuberant and enthusiastic, yeah, that sounds like a good iBec customer to me!"

The right strategy for your business

We'll construct the most profitable marketing mix for your business, and allocate your marketing budget where it will have the highest return on investment. We are highly skilled in the following tactics:

  • Search engine optimization (improve your free search rankings)
  • Search engine marketing (Google ads on search results pages)
  • Display advertising (static or animated banner ads)
  • Online video advertising (like T.V. ads, but more cost effective)
  • Social media (grow your following and lead conversions)
  • Remarketing (advertisements targeted towards a defined audience who has visited your website but hasn’t taken action)
  • Conversion optimization (push a larger percentage of visitors to take action)
  • Referral traffic & networking (connect with digital trade publications or bloggers)
  • Email marketing (this channel still packs a punch)

iBec runs on an Agile and LEAN digital marketing model, meaning we're flexible and can quickly react to changes in strategy and direction. Learn More.


You're probably wasting most of your digital advertising budget

This has been the case with most of our new clients. When you come to iBec, we'll quickly overhaul your old campaign based on what's working, what isn't, and what we know are best practices to drive return on investment. With us, nothing is hidden and no question goes unanswered. Our Google Adwords and Google Analytics certified team is focused on accurate measurements and 100% transparency. You can trust our numbers.

We want you to know exactly where your money is going, and what your return on investment is. We'll help you focus your digital marketing investment in the best possible places. We know you want to see a short term turnaround, and sustainable long-term growth.

Data-driven design has a tremendous impact

Did you know that 39% of ecommerce websites see their conversion rate drop when they launch a new design? That doesn't happen at iBec. Our design team uses Google Analytics data, screen recordings, heatmaps, scrollmaps, and survey data to build smart, meaningful user experiences. Our websites don't just look pretty—they're marketing machines.

Google Analytics
Screen Recordings
Survey Data
“Working with iBec we increased our conversion rate from 5% to 11% in 6 months. It has more than paid for itself.”

Patrick Woodford
Marketing Manager, Lee Auto

Every step is in the right direction

Would you have guessed a small wording change could catapult form completions by 28%? That was our marketing strategist's hypothesis, and our split testing process proved it was true. Split testing ensures every website change yields a measurable impact on performance, and proves whether or not a strategy is working. We're always running split tests to find new ways of increasing performance.

Use the before and after buttons to see.

You don't always need a brand new website

We helped this resort increase their conversion rate by 33.66% by rapidly implementing small incremental changes on their existing website and digital advertising campaign. There are hundreds of variables that impact the user experience. We identify all areas of potential improvement, then we implement each change based on what will have the highest impact with the least investment. This prioritization maximizes your budget, and allows you to see more performance improvements, faster.

Understanding your audience

We take the time to understand what's going on in the mind of your prospects. When we're aware of the questions and intents of your website visitors, we can develop powerful user experiences. Minor revisions to text and layout on these banking product pages increased time on page by 100%, and conversion rates by 300%



Our clients pay a monthly membership fee for access to our dedicated team with design, development, and digital marketing expertise. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs, and we can determine a membership level that is easy to say yes to. Learn More

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