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Empowered by modern technology, customers are now skilled hunters, doing more research and making better-informed purchases than ever before.

They go to the web for information, inspiration and convenience. They shop, learn, play and even socialize online, but it can be an overwhelming no-man’s-land of too much information, and browsers yearn for connection and authenticity.

The good news is that while the online environment is crowded and chaotic, giving customers what they are looking for is straightforward.

Customers connect with good stories.

  • They want to know who is behind a brand and why they love what they do.
  • They move too fast to read an elevator pitch, but do want to see how a brand interacts with its community.
  • When they shop for a gift they don’t just want a product, they want a gift with a story, with thoughtfulness and passion behind it.
  • They want to discover, and (more good news!) they want to champion the story of the new and the unique.

Your audience is receptive and accessible, the story just has to be clear and true.

You can give your customers the connection that they crave by telling your story in a way that they can feel a part of. A new customer should be able to tell within 5 seconds on your site what makes you different, and why they should shop with you vs. a competitor, but stepping back and objectively seeing your company through your customer’s eyes is difficult. Guiding you to that perspective with an inquisitive, data-driven, no B.S. approach is where we can help.

iBec Brand Therapy

Do your customers know who you are? Do you? After years in business a once clear brand can become obfuscated by the shifting priorities and ideas that have been layered on over time. It takes a neutral outside perspective, a data-powered approach and a confident editorial hand to help identify and tune away the white noise so that the brand story is clear.

Some brands need a complete refresh, but many just need a little tweaking to come into their own and resonate strongly with their audience.

Our Approach to Branding

We look at every brand through the eyes of its target customer and ask the questions:

  • What is this brand about?
  • How is it different? How will it help?

If the answers to those questions are unclear, we’ll give it to you straight, and we won’t waste your time (or money) on a fluffy process. When you sit down with us for a Brand Therapy Session you should involve your team, expect some simple but difficult questions, and prepare to look deeply into what drives you.


Like an old boombox with a tuning knob, approaching your brand through the Brand Therapy process will result in a precise melody that resonates with your customers, free of white noise that distracts and detracts from your clear answer to your customer’s question, ‘How will this make my life better?’

What does your freshly refined brand look like in action? Clarity and consistency through every customer touchpoint, from your homepage to conversations with your staff.


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