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Pricing has never been easier.

The iBec Membership

There are no change orders and no surprises. Our members pay a monthly membership fee to have a dedicated team scheduled to work on their project every week. Your team could consist of a marketing strategist, project manager, designer or developer, depending on your needs that week.

Choose Your Monthly Budget

You set the budget, we'll deliver. It's our goal to complete as many features as possible within your budget. Your budget simply controls how fast things get done, or how many things we can do at once. Everything we do is based on a standard hourly rate. You only pay for what we do, nothing is hidden or marked up.


Do you need a lot of stuff done fast this month, but not so much the next month? No problem. You can ramp up your membership fee during times of intensity and lower it to maintenance levels as convenient. If your business experiences any sort of seasonality, we know you'll appreciate this.

No Scope Limitations

We'll never tell you something is out of scope. If it's a priority, we'll get it done — without a change order. We'll be meeting regularly to review what's been done, what should be done next, and what will have the greatest impact on your audience and your business. If you need to focus on design one month and development the next, that's great. If you want to completely change the direction of your campaign, consider it done. We'll even walk your dog if you ask!

Cancel At Any Time

Need us to hit the stop button? No problem. Just give us 45 days notice. There are no contracts or cancellation fees. We have faith that once you start working with us, you'll want to keep working with us. But don't take our word for it, check out what our clients say.

Fast Turnaround Times From Faces You Know

Our members have dedicated resources scheduled every week – this means turn around times are fast. You'll be communicating with the same people throughout your membership who know your business, customers, and website well.

Get Your Membership Quote

After a discussion about your needs, we can provide you with a few example membership rates that demonstrate how much and how fast we can complete things for you. Each of our member's rates is unique to their needs.

Get Your Membership Quote

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