Strategic Media, Inc.

Strategic Media is a full service radio advertising agency. They specialize in direct response radio strategies through text, web, and phone. Strategic Media's clients range from startups to established companies throughout the country.

We started working with Strategic Media on the development of their website. Over time, we pioneered digital marketing and design strategies that bring Strategic's approach to direct response radio alive online.

Optimizing the homepage

We recently redesigned Strategic Media's homepage to provide a stronger, more visual hierarchy to help draw potential clients down the page. The combination of client logos, testimonials and audio samples aims to show visitors from potentially large companies that other brands are engaging with radio and that they should as well. As a result of these changes, the average time users spent on the page increased by 32%, and the bounce rate decreased by 12% (data set comparing Aug 8, 2017 - Sep 8, 2017 vs. previous period Jul 7, 2017 - Aug 7, 2017).

Branded illustrations

"Working together this year has been great and Iā€™m excited about our progress." ā€“ Jeff Small, Founder & CEO at Strategic Media

Jeff Small
Founder & CEO, Strategic Media

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