Branding + Web Design + Application Prototyping & Development

Rate Last Week

Rate Last Week is a mobile app we built to share how our week went with coworkers and spot morale trends in our office. As part of our weekly staff meeting, each member of our team shares their rating for the previous week on a scale of 1–5.

We were previously recording our ratings in a Google doc, which didn't allow us to easily see what our company average is or how our week compared to other weeks. Since Rate Last Week is an important part of our culture, we decided to create an app. Each employee has their own individual login where they can rate last week, add comments, see their history and compare themselves to the company average. It's been a fun way to use our own in-house expertise to create an MVP from scratch that we rely on each week.

Designing the brand

We aimed to design a brand for Rate Last Week that branched off from our existing company branding. For starters, we crafted a separate logo and color palette that nodded to the current iBec logo style and color.

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