Pine Tree Legal

Pine Tree Legal Assistance is a non-profit, statewide law firm providing free civil legal aid to the most vulnerable people in Maine. In need of an overhaul, Pine Tree Legal turned to us to design a new logo and website to reflect their mission.

Logo redesign

Style guide & custom icons

"Thanks so much for the work on the Pine Tree logo and website! We met internally today to discuss the materials you sent us and we are feeling really good about the project! ...We really loved what you put together and we are very appreciative of how hard you’ve worked on this! Thank you so much!"

Helen Meyer
Development Director at Pine Tree Legal Assistance

Iterative prototyping

To give the team at Pine Tree Legal an idea of how the finished website would look and function, we assembled the designs into desktop and mobile prototypes, which we were able to test and iterate before handing them off to their in-house developer to code.

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