Maine Coast

Maine Coast is a high-volume, high-quality live lobster wholesaler headquartered in York, Maine. The company maintains a vast network of suppliers located throughout the US and Canada giving them access to fresh, Lively Lobster™ year round.  State of the art receiving and distribution facilities in key coastal locations run by a team of dedicated experts and a focus on optimizing lobster logistics clearly distinguishes them from their competition.

Tradeshow Booth

The refined messaging and brand story were premiered at the international seafood conference Maine Coast attends each year. The tradeshow booth was designed to create an immersive experience that gave buyers a look behind the scenes of Maine Coast’s daily operations.


As a sales takeaway for buyers, an 8x6” tri-fold brochure was designed to promote Maine Coast’s live, fresh and frozen lobster products. Designed to mirror the simplicity and behind-the-scenes focus of their tradeshow booth, the brochure relies on bold typography and striking photography to tell their brand story.

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