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Giesswein USA

Giesswein is a boiled wool shoe company based in Austria. Since 1954, the company has designed superior indoor and outdoor footwear reflective of the natural environment that inspires them.

Giesswein's distributor in the United States had only sold products through wholesale before coming to us to expand their direct-to-consumer sales efforts. They needed a site that showcased the unique features of their footwear and allowed customers to purchase directly from their warehouse.

Timeless and innovative

We built an ecommerce website that honors Giesswein's heritage and helps customers easily find the perfect shoe based on their foot support needs. To honor the brand's heritage, we represented the company's origins, environmental design inspiration, and innovative approach to creating soft, lightweight footwear, through vibrant and compelling imagery.

“The product page is excellent; the layout looks clean without being looks awesome.”

Matt Tracy
Owner and Product Developer, Giesswein USA

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