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Advanced Women's Health Care

Hundreds of women from across the world visit The New England Center for Endometriosis on an annual basis to undergo surgery with Dr. Robbins, a leader in the field of surgical excision of Endometriosis.

Dr. Robbins approached iBec in the interest of increasing the number of leads he received through his website via contact forms and phone calls.

Homepage agile design progression

Our main focus with Dr. Robbins has been converting the existing traffic, and creating targeted ad campaigns for additional, supplemental traffic. On the homepage, we added service links for visitors to easily click through to the services they’re interested in learning more about. We also added a special callout to each page to encourage visitors to contact Dr. Robbins via phone or by filling out the contact form.

"If I am going to do anything with marketing or my website, it will be with iBec. :)"

Dr. Robbins
Advanced Women's Healthcare

A clear content strategy led a 24% increase in Organic Search traffic

How to become a new patient, and what types of insurance Dr. Robbins accepts, were among many FAQs we added to the site. These give prospective patients the confidence to reach out to Dr. Robbins online.

Also, we provided Dr. Robbins with a blog strategy to further boost Organic Search traffic. Blog articles surrounding Endometriosis-related topics have boosted the site's position across wider search results. Site visitors, pages viewed, time on site, and form submissions have dramatically increased.

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