Full-time - Portland, Maine

Junior Web Developer

Job Description:

At iBec, our purpose is to help business and the people behind them thrive online. Our brand is built every day based on our team demonstrating our core values: Have Heart, Create Fun, Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork, Fueled by Purpose, and Character First.

Junior website developers are responsible for helping to code websites, on an array of development platforms, based on designs, technical specifications and project goals as part of an integrated team including our client.


  • Translate designs into HTML/CSS/JavaScript templates following the latest industry best practices (mobile first, responsive, etc.).
  • Implement frontend and backend layouts into content management systems including but not limited to * Drupal, Magento, and/or Wordpress.
  • Code compatible with the latest iBec supported browser list.
  • Provide creative solutions which exceed the expectations of our clients.
  • Problem solve bugs and other issues in a timely manner.
  • Fix QA issues as they come up rather than waiting until the end of the project.
  • Know and meet the budget/expectations for their projects.
  • Attend internal and some client facing meetings throughout a project’s life cycle.


  • Work within a team environment to address the programming needs of our clients.
  • Meet set goals and deadlines, both internal and client facing.
  • Work with your mentor to improve and gain experience.


  • Stay up to date with the industry’s trends and experiment with new tools and techniques to improve application in terms of our tools, process and trends.
  • Utilizing and improving upon the latest development techniques available in the industry.
  • Active involvement in weekly development meetings and quarterly development days.


  • Bachelors degree
  • 1 Year of relevant experience


We recognize that a positive atmosphere for our employees is critical to the success of us, as individuals, and the success of our organization. We're committed to providing exceptional benefits for our team – we have a feeling they enjoy that sort of thing.

Open environment: We like the open environment concept because we don’t believe in barriers or working in silos. We’re about teamwork, camaraderie and collaboration— we believe in open minds. We also like to have some tunes going in the background, from ‘let’s crank out this presentation’ to ‘time to calm down and concentrate’ to ‘wow, I never heard this before.’ As you might expect by now, we’re open to your suggestions.

15 days paid time off to start: Wait, that’s unheard of. Yet, you just heard it here. You see, we understand that people have lives. If you’re starting to get the idea that we really, really care about the well-being of our team…that we want everyone who works here to be happy…then you already understand a big part of who we are.

Standing desks: Here, you can stand up for yourself—and your back. We employ stand-up desks here; it turns out sitting on your duff all day isn’t really all that good for your body—who knew? (Don’t worry, we have chairs, too, so you can take a load off when you want.)

Paid learning opportunities: Want to be a thought leader in your areas of expertise, learn what’s new in UX design, or brush up on the latest developer or design apps and techniques? We want this for you, too. We know when employees are at their best, we will be, too. So we encourage professional growth, and pay for conferences or resources that help you realize your professional aspirations.

Health insurance: Ours starts at just $12/week. Life is tough enough without having to worry about what will happen if you get sick or injured.

IRA contributions: We care about your future, and help you with contributions to a simple IRA plan. Of course, this is only for people who like free money with constantly accumulating interest.

Egos are for Freud books: Yes, there is a culture here. Think of us as a small, friendly tribe of nice, smart people who enjoy what they do, have respect for their colleagues, and are proud to say, “We did this.” We work together, trust one another, and strive to achieve mutual goals. Egotistical behavior may have its place…just somewhere else.

Early Friday summers: The clock strikes three, you head for the beach. Which isn’t far, by the way. Why do we do this? For one, because summer is beautiful here, and let’s face it: humans are not meant to be inside on summer days. (That said, we do have to get some work done.).

Espresso and coffee: We just did an informal study on the correlation between happy employees and good office coffee, and the results are in: yep, believe it or not, people really dig having great coffee right where they work. We serve both plain old coffee as well as yummy espresso.

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We’re looking for candidates who want to work in a small, collaborative, team environment, who love Portland, and are truly passionate about helping businesses grow confidently online.

We’re excited to meet you!

Becky and the iBec Team