Thos. Moser

Thos. Moser is a brand that is synonymous with Maine quality and great craftsmanship. As a manufacturer and multi-channel retailer, Thos. Moser was looking for a partner that could support many facets of its business. They needed a marketing team that could realize the quality of their brand in the digital world, presenting a world-class ecommerce experience that aligned with their world-class products. See the results

  • Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Design + Development
Thos Moser website product page design featuring the Continuous Armchair, backstory of how it was made and the anatomy of its construction.


iBec partnered with Thos. Moser early in 2019 and has delivered significant improvements to customer experience on-site, as well as launching and growing an effective multi-touch customer acquisition strategy custom-built for the Thos. Moser audience.

3D grid of Thos Moser website design screenshots featuring the product page and contract page.
Thos Moser website product and contract page designs on mobile phones side by side

Web Design + Development

The Thos. Moser site had a confusing navigation and cluttered product detail pages that needed a more modern update. The backend management of their site was proving difficult as well, making simple content updates cumbersome and time-consuming for their team. In addition, the site was not designed with mobile users in mind, and the conversion rate for mobile users was much lower than customers who shopped on desktop.

Thos Moser display ads with headlines 'Good design is timeless,' 'Craftsmanship matters', and more


Thos. Moser’s digital marketing strategy prior to working with iBec focused primarily on driving showroom foot traffic, and not on generating online sales. Thos. Moser needed help broadening its marketing strategy to maximize online opportunities to support its eCommerce sales while also driving traffic to showrooms and building positive first impressions with potential future customers.

Thos. Moser results graph showing a 615% increase in return on ad spend for their Google ad campaign


iBec worked with Thos. Moser to expand its digital marketing efforts and search campaigns by focusing on ecommerce initiatives. A robust online sales strategy generated new customer acquisition and strengthened Moser’s brand awareness. Since working with iBec, Moser’s web goal completions have increased by 350%. On YouTube, a successful video marketing strategy has brought the Thos. Moser Made for Life campaign directly to its target audience with 150k views and a view rate of over 40%. Additionally, a revamped Google ad campaign at the start of the relationship delivered a 615% lift in return on ad spend compared to previous campaigns.

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