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Shawnee Peak is the longest operating ski resort in Maine and conveniently located only 1 hour from Portland in Bridgton, Maine. With great terrain for old-timers and newcomers alike, this family-friendly mountain is well-loved by Mainers in-the-know. When the Shawnee Peak team decided it was time to modernize their web presence, they turned to the iBec team to make it happen.


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Shawnee Peak needed a modern website that would integrate with its third-party ski industry software. Their old site was visually dated and difficult for the Shawnee team to update. It was built in an out of date content management system that limited their options for customizing content to optimize their visitor experience and make a great first impression on curious visitors.

The previous site missed an opportunity to illustrate how family-friendly the mountain is, and how welcoming it is for new and seasoned skiers alike. The iBec team made presenting these differentiators the focus of the new site’s content.

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iBec redesigned the site with ease of use and easy navigation in mind. In addition to a simplified navigation structure, we also created an updated mountain report page that makes it easy to see what’s open at any point in time.

The site was developed using best practices for responsive design and ADA compliance.

iBec wrote copy and wove a visual story throughout the site to bring the personality of the mountain to life, and tell the story of Shawnee’s unique place in Maine’s great skiing tradition.

Average time on site increased by 170% after the new site launched.

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