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New Museum, New Tech

At the start of 2017, the Portland Museum of Art underwent a significant reinstallation of their permanent collection. To highlight specific aspects of the collection The museum collaborated with iBec to create 5 interactive multimedia kiosks.


The PMA was re-imagining the entire museum and it's collection. Bucking the trend of the traditional look-but-don't-touch mindset of museums the PMA wanted to bring their key collections to life with tools that would allow you to learn more by inspecting the art up close. All of the kiosks were created with interaction in mind, and use multi touch displays so museum visitors can zoom in on a detailed view of a painting with a pinch, or compare modern & ancient tools with a swipe.

The kiosks range in size from iPads to large touch screen televisions - and cover specific museum exhibits, from a large scale mural to the history of the museum itself. In addition to the development of the kiosks, iBec worked closely with the museum making technology decisions, assistance with user experience design and helping with on-site installation.

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Bringing these tools to the museum has allowed visitors to experience the collection in a way that was explicitly hands-off allowing visitors young and old to appreciate the museums collection more directly. In a traditionally stodgy and sterile eyes only environment allowing visitors to more directly interact with the art they are viewing helps make connections between what they see and themselves that might not have been made otherwise.

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