Makers of Maine

Makers of Maine is a podcast dedicated to craft, following small businesses across Maine. Each episode uncovers the journeys of makers through their growth and connection to their community. The podcast features woodworkers, musicians, potters, and more, covering every discipline of craft throughout the state.

  • Branding
  • Web Design + Development
Makers of Maine logo with a logo mark of a silhouette of the state of Maine with a woodgrain pattern overlay next to the text 'Makers' in large type above 'Of Maine' in smaller type below.
Makers of Maine logo on a dark background
Makers of Maine podcast screenshots on two phones side by side


iBec worked with Kristan Vermeulen, the host, to visually develop the podcast’s brand, capturing the honest experiences of craft in a digital age. Kristan aimed to reflect the quality and integrity of these makers in her storytelling by creating an identity which touched on the traditional and timeless foundations of Maine.

Makers of Maine website design showing a grid of episode preview images and titles

Web Design + Development

Catering to a broad audience, Kristan wanted to ensure the stories were accessible across any avenue. iBec built a polished website to further showcase the makers and act as the epicenter to listen, read, and shop through Makers of Maine content.

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