Exalted Cannabis

Based in Hiram, Exalted Cannabis is bringing transparently better, more efficiently grown, premium cannabis to Maine. Exalted came to iBec with a vision to become one of the most highly regarded cannabis brands in the state–and eventually the country–but first, they needed a name.

  • Branding + Naming
  • Copywriting
  • Web Design + Development
  • Package Design
Exalted logo with a minimal, geometric gold crown outline that sits above large uppercase type that reads Exalted. Under Exalted, the type reads Cannabis Co. in uppercase letters in a thinner weight.

Branding + Naming

Exalted has dual definitions: 1. to be held in high regard, and 2. to be in a state of extreme happiness. For a budding new brand setting out to elevate the marijuana industry, Exalted was the perfect fit. The company’s birthplace, the town of Hiram, is even defined as the brother of the exalted one.

Exalted logo suite including the main logo that reads Exalted Cannabis Co., secondary logo that reads Exalted Hiram Maine, and three different logo marks

Logo Design

Exalted’s logo is a reflection of the passion and precision that goes into growing premium cannabis. The crown logo mark offers modern simplicity and a scientific appearance to represent a brand that aims to combat stigma in the marijuana industry. Exalted’s complete logo showcase includes a primary logo, secondary logo, and submarks.

Mockup of the Exalted logo on a window with a cannabis growing facility in the background
Exalted zip up hooded sweatshirt with large gold logo mark on the front
Exalted business card 3D mockup with gold foil accents on a dark background
Exalted brand guide front cover. Text reads: Our logo – Origin – The Exalted logo represents our company's insatiable passion for the science of growing and a mission to become one of the most premium, recognizable cannabis brands in the United States.

Brand Guidelines

The Exalted brand guide pairs brand visuals with the “why” behind the company. The guidelines include logo usage and architecture, submarks, color palette, typography and brand story.

Exalted iconography with thick, gold borders and angled edges

Brand Story

Tagline: Reach Higher

Mission: Bringing Transparently Better, More Efficiently Grown, Premium Cannabis to Maine

Core Values:

  • Innovative Growth Practices: We believe in reaching higher, which leads us to constantly innovate and test more efficient practices within our grow.
  • Testing Every Strain, Every Time: We stand by every jar we sell, so we test every batch and strain, every time. Results are available on the Batch ID section of our site.
  • 10% Donated to Nonprofits: Exalted strives to be a force for good. Not only do we offer a better product at a fair price, but we donate 10% of our profits to charities and nonprofits.

Exalted website design with high resolution cannabis plant photography and clean typography on a dark background

Web Design + Development

A fresh new website design shows off Exalted’s stunning product photography and new modern branding. To offer full transparency, the “Find Your Batch” feature on the website allows customers to look up the Batch ID from their product and see the exact THC and CBD levels among other measurements of that batch.

Exalted label design with batch information, iconography, open instructions, and legal information.

Package Design

Gradients and sharp iconography join forces on a modern label design to create a sense of quality and sophistication, leaving customers with a lasting impression. The weight, batch and strain of the cannabis can be found hand-written on the side of the container to inform customers about what they’re buying.

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