Jun 23, 2015

What's Your Favorite Vacation Spot?

In this week's blog post we're talking about our favorite summer destination spots!

We decided to be a bit different this week and celebrate the summer season by dishing out some of team iBec's favorite summer destination spots. Where's your favorite spot to vacation?


becky vacation
  • Favorite Spot: Biddeford Pool, Maine

  • Favorite Activity: "Bike riding to Goldthwaite's to eat Mexican french toast while sitting on picnic tables overlooking the water with my family."

  • Ideal Tunes: John Mayer - Heavier Things

Image taken at Goldthwaite's.



cyndy vacation
  • Favorite Spot: Sebasco Harbor Resort, Phippsburg, Maine

  • Favorite Activity: "Boating, kayaking, golfing, biking, and the beach with family and friends. Lobster rolls at Five Islands Lobsters Co. and Blueberry crisp at Anna's Water's Edge Restaurant. Bingo and candlepin bowling at the resort."

  • Ideal Tunes: Guster - Easy Wonderful

Image taken of Sebasco Harbor Resort.


Matt B.

matt b. vacation
  • Favorite Spot: White Mountains, New Hampshire
  • Favorite Activity: "A good day of hiking followed by beers and pizza at Moat Mountain Brewpub in North Conway, New Hampshire."
  • Ideal Tunes: Shakey Graves - And The War Came
Image taken of Moat Mountain brew.

Matt R.

matt r. vacation
  • Favorite Spot: Prince Edward Island, Canada
  • Favorite Activity: "Fun with family; fresh local mussels, lobster, clams, and oysters; amazing beaches and golf courses".
  • Ideal Tunes: Anything by Fickle Friends!
Image taken of Green Gables Golf Course, Prince Edward Island.



steve vacation
  • Favorite Spot: Seawall Beach, Phippsburg, Maine
  • Favorite Activity: "Swimming down the river into the ocean."
Image taken of Seawall Beach, Phippsburg, Maine.



sean vacation
  • Favorite Spot: Old Lyme, Connecticut
  • Favorite Activity: "Going to the beach and eating Italian ice."
  • Ideal Tunes: Sublime - Sublime
Image taken of Old Lyme, Connecticut.  



katherine vacation
  • Favorite Spot: Littlejohn Island, Maine
  • Favorite Activity: Cooking out by the campfire while playing croquet. I come back every year because I have been going to Littlejohn Island since I was born and my family and childhood memories bring me back!
  • Ideal Tunes: My dad's Littlejohn Campfire songs.



becca vacation
  • Favorite Spot: Freedom, New Hampshire
  • Favorite Activity: I spent my summers at summer camp on Lake Ossipee. I have tons of memories there. I love the lake, the fresh air smell, and the friends I get to catch up with. Even the camp food!
  • Ideal Tunes: Tom Petty - Wildflowers


maddison vacation
  • Favorite Spot: Santa Barbara, California
  • Favorite Activity: Sambos on the water has the best chocolate chip pancakes in the world. Starting the morning right with some breakfast food overload and then a stroll down the beach is my idea of a perfect summer day. After growing up in Texas where 95* feels like a blizzard during July, I crave a humid 75* day.
  • Ideal Tunes: Sylvan Esso - Coffee



heather vacation
  • Favorite Spot: The Camp (family camp on a lake in Southern Maine)
  • Favorite Activity: Relaxation, enjoying the sunshine, catching up with family while floating on the lake. Water skiing, kayaking, and watching the sunset.
  • Ideal Tunes: Frank Sinatra - Bing Crosby, and anything Rat Pack. (This is my grandfather's favorite type of music to listen to while lakeside).
Stay tuned until next week when we'll be sharing some tech tips!