What Businesses Need to Know About Google Plus

Have you heard the buzz about Google+ (Google Plus)?

Right now it is still in Beta mode, so it is the perfect time to get ahead of the curve. Google+ is Google's attempt to battle with Facebook's social networking platform. You can see for yourself on Google's demo. Read below for what you need to know for your business.

What Do Businesses Need to Know About Google Plus?
The +1 Icon

On your next Google search, pay particular attention to the +1 icon you will see next to website URLs. This is Google's equivalent of a 'like' button. Google hasn't announced how +1 will factor into search engine results, but most likely Google will start giving extra weight to sites with more +1s.

They haven't created the equivalent of a fan page...Yet.

Google is not encouraging businesses to start profiles on Google+ (it will be called Google Plus Entity), but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't sign up personally. Start experimenting with the Google+ interface now so you will be ready when they do. Most likely your Google Places profile will sync with with Google+ so you can start by keeping that fresh.

Add G+ to your social media icon suite

If you have links to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc on your website and profile information. Here's how to add Google's +1 icon.

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