Web Widgets!

Web widgets (also called gadgets), are applications that can bring a fun and interactive element to your website by streaming in 

information from other sites like the Facebook, Twitter, news outlets, and many other sources. Check out the list below for useful and fun widgets that can freshen up your site and for how to find the right widget for you!



Great Widgets to Try and How to find Widgets

1. Twitter Widget- Twitter allows you to essentially create your own widget that can stream in your profile page, your favorite tweets, twitter search, or a self-created list of tweets. You pick the size, colors, and other preferences and it kicks out the code you need.

2. Facebook Widget- Promote your Facebook Page on your site and even include a like button! This widget pulls in your Facebook Page updates in a box and allows site visitors to get a taste of the page and have the opportunity to "Like" it all in one place

3. Find Widgets- Widgipedia, Yahoo! Widgets, Google Gadgets, and Widgetbox are all great places to search, find, and even create your own widgets to fit your website's needs!

Want to add a widget to your website?Give us a call and we'd be happy to help!


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