3 Ways to Convert Your eCommerce Website to Responsive Before the 2013 Holiday Season

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Have you been delaying converting your eCommerce website to responsive?

It is not too late to update your website before Cyber Monday 2013. Here are our recommendations:

Option 1 (The Cheapest): Install a Plugin on your website to make it responsive

If you have a WordPress eCommerce site, you can install a plugin called WP Touch that will converting your existing theme to a mobile friendly theme.

The positives:

  • Low cost solution to convert your site to responsive

  • Minimal time needed

The drawbacks:

  • You need to have a WordPress website

  • You will not have total control over the display/design

Option 2 (A Head Start): Use an existing responsive template for your shopping cart

If you use a popular shopping cart platform like Magento (what we use at iBec), CS Cart, Shopify, OS Commerce, Zen Cart, etc, there are themes available that you can purchase for a low fee that are responsive (check out http://themeforest.net/). Once you install the theme on your site, you will need to have a web developer customize the look and feel of the template to match your brand.

The positives:

  • Using a template cuts design and development time that would normally be needed with a custom design so your costs will be lower.

The drawbacks:

  • The more you customize the template, it becomes more cost effective to do it from scratch

  • Unless you are a web developer, you will need to hire a team to help you with this

Option 3 (The Dream): Create a custom responsive eCommerce site

If you are a thriving eCommerce store or your eCommerce site is very outdated, it might the most sense to start from scratch and build a new custom responsive eCommerce website. When you build a custom responsive website, you can personalize the branding, customer experience, information architecture and functionality as much as your heart desires. You’ll be working with a design and development team to plan out the information architecture and user experience for mobile and tablet devices so you can make sure that they get to the information they need as quickly as possible. With a custom responsive eCommerce website, you won’t have to make any compromises on design, optimizing the visitors experience will be the number one priority.

The positives:

  • No compromises

The drawbacks:

  • More expensive

  • Longer timeline

Do you have more questions about responsive eCommerce options? Let us know... we build responsive websites all day!


Cheers, Becky McKinnell


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