5 Ways to be Happier...Week 4 - Spring Cleaning

You clean up your house, you clean up your car...it's about time you clean up your website! This week on 5 Ways to Be Happier, And Less Depressed About Your Website we're doing some (early) spring cleaning!


Carolyn Pereira

So, over the past few weeks you've reviewed your website (and had fresh eyes review it), you're working on the functionality, and you are practicing non-attachment -- It's time for Spring Cleaning.

1)  Get rid of any unnecessary content.

- Search engines are trying to find the most relevent websites to rank so be clear and concise.

- The purpose of your website should be easy to find on the home page, remember functionality Nothing is more frustrating than searching through numerous pages to figure out what the point of a business is!

- Use keywords no more than 4 times on a page and try focusing on 1 main keyword per page.

2)  If you love to talk and have lots of great information, use that to draw viewers in! Offering a eNewsletter or a white paper are great additives to a website! They offer Calls to Actions (CTAs) which can verify your authority on the subject, engage viewers and lead to potential sales!

3)  Check the links on your website. Make sure they go to where you want them to and that any links that go to old or deleted pages are taken off. Search engines don’t look favorably on outdated or broken links.

Here’s a quick and easy Website Link Checker to scan your site!


Até a próxima!

"See you next time!" ~ Portuguese :)


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