5 Ways to be Happier...Week 3 - Non Attachment

This week on 5 Ways to be Happier, and Less Depressed About your Website, we'll broach the subject of Attachment.

We all get attached to various things in our lives. We can become sentimental thus making it hard to throw something out or change something that may not be working.

Do not, I repeat, do not let your website fall into this category!

Read on for some tips on how to make sure you stay non-attached and happy with your website!


Carolyn Pereira

  1. Be ok with making changes. Let go of the attachment that your niece made your website for you 4 years ago and she put all that effort into it. She understands that time changes needs and she'd rather hear your website is generating traffic (after thanking her for introducing your business to the online community, of course).
  2. Generate a list of what needs to be changed. If you completed week 1 and week 2, you should know by now what’s working and not working with your current website.
  3. Explore different websites out there and figure out what you like and what works best for your business. Examples are great when you move to working on a new website. Do you need an eCommerce website? Do you want to incorporate a blog or a gallery for images? There are many possibilities and many designs out there. See which sites are ranking high and what you like about them.

SEO Tip: You've heard it before, content is king, so keep it up to date! Websites with new/updated content are more relevant and show up higher on search results. Make sure that the content you are putting up is relevent to what you are trying to accomplish on your website and incorporates your keywords.

Make sure you are having fun with it. Updating your website shouldn't be stressful, allow it to be a positive extension of your bussiness!

Until next week...Ciao!


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