3 Ways of Measuring Results Online

Are you wondering how to measure results online? Google Analytics is a powerful tool, but most people don't know where to start! Read on to find out 3 key measurements to watch.

What to Measure on Google Analytics:

When you are logging in to your analytics account, be sure to keep an eye on these reports:

1. Referring Sites: Who is sending traffic to your site? Compare the Time on Site to your Average Time on Site...is it a good referral?

2. Keywords: Most of the time you will see your business name as one of the top keyword searches. That is okay! Keep scrolling to view the other referring keywords and phrases-- are they what you want? If not, what can you do to integrate them more on your site?

3. New vs. Returning Visitors: Keep an eye on this report-- if your returning visitors are growing, you have a captive audience that finds your site useful.


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