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Use Social Media to Promote Your Video

Sometimes it just takes someone to remind you to promote your videos online with social media! I have come across many sites that have videos, but when you click on them, you either have to download a file, they are not compatible on a Mac, and/or have to look around the site for the rest of them. The solution is easy- YouTube!



Create a Personalized YouTube Channel:

If you have at least one video on file at your company, here are some great reasons to create a YouTube Channel:

(Don't know what a YouTube Channel is? Check out Haven's Candies » )

  1. Creates a professional space for your videos: With a YouTube Channel you can personalize the look and feel, host all of your videos, and add your contact/company information.

  2. You can tag your videos with keywords: Google owns YouTube and searches videos in addition to websites! ...Another way to improve organic search results.

  3. Import the video links directly to your website: This way, when someone clicks on the video, they don't have to leave your website-- the video will play right on the web page. No downloading necessary!

  4. Enhances community: Visitors can sign up to follow your video feed, post comments on your video, or link it to their social media sites like facebook, twitter, and digg.

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