Twitter Feeds: Keep Them Fresh

We often get requests for adding twitter feeds to our clients’ sites. This can be a very easy and convenient way to add content to your site and keep your site up to date and fresh! It can act similar to a news/event feed.

On the flip side, it can also be an easy way to show your customers that you haven't updated your site in X amount of weeks. Wah Wah Wah.

Twitter feeds on websites can say a good amount about a company and how they portray themselves on the web. Is it a company that is very active on their site and using it like the tool it’s supposed to be? Or is it a company that has a pretty website with stale content. These sites can be portrayed negatively. If you’ve got a great site, why not keep it fresh and show everyone? It would be like buying a Ferrari and having it sit in the garage under a car cover all of the time. Same goes with your website. You just had this beautiful new site developed, it’s now time to show it off!

A twitter feed can be a great way to show off your site and keep it fresh at the same time. It not only posts right onto your site, but also gets posted to twitter for your followers to read and re-tweet. This can drive up your traffic and create repeat visitors at the same time (so long as you’re tweeting worthwhile information!)

I'm not saying to bombard your followers/customers with tweets, because really, who likes a company thats tweeting every 5 minutes? I am saying to send out something useful/interesting each day or each couple of days which would make people want to visit your site and ultimately keep coming back.

Twitter can be a great tool to bring traffic to your site, but it can also be a tool that can backfire on you if you’re not using it enough and in the right way. Used properly and often, Twitter can work wonders for your website.

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