Tweet to the Point!

There has been some interesting talk recently about the usefulness of messages on Twitter.

With 12 million users and counting, there are many tweeters out there who post random or silly information for the sheer fun of using social media, but as a business using Twitter as part if a marketing plan, posting valuable content is key.

Check out the tips below to learn how to make your tweets count!



Make Your Tweets Count!

  1. Promote your company news and updates: If you have a new hire, item, or sale- Tweet about it and give quick details on the who, what, where, and when.

  2. Drive traffic to your website: Post a snippet of your recent blog post or news item on Twitter and link back to the full article on your website.

  3. Tweet about your industry knowledge to educate your audience, and don't forget to link to an appropriate web page or article of interest.

  4. When in doubt, be your target audience. Ask yourself, "what would be useful to a prospective client?" and then tweet the answer.

For more information about using Twitter, check out this iBec Creative blog post and archives.


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