Traditional Marketing Loses Traction

Traditional mass marketing has been great in the past, but it's really not enough anymore. Lets talk about the future face of marketing.

The evolution of marketing

Traditional mass marketing gets a 2% response rate, at best. In the past, when everyone read the paper and got the Yellow Pages, print advertising was a solid marketing strategy. Now, as fewer and fewer people pick up the paper, and more people turn to the web, it makes sense that your marketing strategy would evolve, because you want your message to be where the eyeballs are, online.

Old school

Traditional marketing strategy says that you need to shout out your message to the masses. Banner ads! Animated GIFs! Splash pages! Can we all say this together?... YUCK. Pushy advertising is the pits.

New model marketing

The field of marketing is moving toward a new model that a lot of people refer to as inbound marketing. People are getting more sophisticated and selective in the messages they choose to consume, so by adding substance to your messages and providing value, your message is consumed much more readily. 

New method, better conversion rates

Providing valuable content attracts people interested in what you're providing, and by providing valuable content to prospective clients, you can produce conversion rates 10x higher than traditional marketing. That's because prospects respond to valuable content that is more helpful and educational.

So, that's my prediction. More so than ever before, budgets spent on traditional marketing - paid media - will continue to shift to inbound marketing - earned media and original content.

Inbound marketing is just one of the trends that we've been tracking for 2014. If you're curious - see your marketing future! Download my free eBook on more industry trends for the upcoming year.

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