'Tis the Season...is your website ready for Holidays 2011?

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It's officially time...make sure your ecommerce website is geared up for the upcoming holiday season! Here's what we recommend to get ready...

3 Must-Dos Before October
Make it easy for your Social Shoppers

Is your website optimized for social media sharing? Are your customers easily able to share that they like your product with their friends? Add a widget to your shopping cart like ShareThis or integrate the facebook Like icon.

Have a defined plan for your email marketing and social media promos

Are you currently on Facebook promoting your business? Does your fan page showcase your products? Now is the time to create custom tabs if you have not already. Decide and schedule your Facebook-only promotions up until January...and stick to it!

Don't forget the basics

Is your Add to Cart button obvious? What about Checkout? With all of your new online marketing initiatives, don't forget that your ecommerce still needs to be easy for customers to buy once they get there.

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