Tip of the Week: Using PDFs for Search Engine Optimization

You can use PDFs on your website. In fact, they can even help your SEO ranking!

You can use PDFs on your website. In fact, they can even help your SEO ranking!

(Side note: we're sorry for all of the acronyms. We could have called this tip "PDFs for SEO, OMG LOL!')

PDFs can be great. If you have spec sheets, applications, or anything else that needs to be easily printable, they're the way to go. Many of our clients are concerned that these documents are not searchable, but the good news is: they are!

You just have to build them correctly.

  1. First and foremost, you have to ensure that it is a text-based PDF. If you've made the document in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or any other text-editor, you're golden. Steer clear of Photoshop or other image editors. Image editors will save your PDF as an image file, which will prevent the document from being indexed by search engines.
  2. Second, fill out your document properties and tags. This can be a little tricky to find, since they're not fields we typically use, but this information will be presented in the search results and help the search engines understand how to rank your PDF in search results.
  3. Last, and perhaps most importantly, remember that all of your content should follow your SEO strategy. You want to focus content on your target audience and use the keywords in your list.

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