The Thank You Page: Make the most of this under-utilized web page

The Thank You page on your website...This is the page on your site that someone lands on after they fill out a form (like the contact form) or they purchase something in your ecommerce store. Most websites have a simple message— like Thanks for contacting us! or Thank you for your purchase! — and they are missing a big opportunity. Here’s why...

1. You have the opportunity to resell.

I think Amazon does it the best. After you buy something Amazon, the thank you page encourages you to keep shopping. They’ll suggest items from your wishlist as well as recommended items based on what other customers have bought.

Tip: If they’ve already bought something on your website, convince them to keep shopping by including product imagery with short descriptions and links.

Amazon Thank You Page
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2. You have the opportunity to cross sell on your thank you page.

Someone may have contacted you for one of your services, but they may not know about other services that you offer. Here’s an example of a Thank You page that we worked on with Portland Glass so they could promote their home improvement services to their customers inquiring about auto glass:


Portland Glass



3. You have the opportunity to stay connected.

Once you have a new customer or prospective customer engaged, encourage them to join your other online networks. For example, we created a short video on our thank you page asking new clients to visit our facebook page and sign up for our Tip of the Week enewsletter.

iBec Creative Thank You Page

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