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The Real Cost of Design

So you've been thinking about re-designing your website, but you're worried about the cost? Here are some tips on the real cost of a website redesign.

In last week’s Tip of The Week we talked about the 5 Signs Your Website Needs To Be Redesigned. Any of the signs we discussed can cost your company money, whether it’s time or loss of new customers. The trade-off with re-designing your website is that, done properly, you gain both your valuable time and prospective customers back!

What makes a website design costly?

There are many factors that go into a website redesign and you shouldnÂ’t skimp just to save money.

Thought Process:

The process of designing a website is more than just one meeting and having a completed website the next week. There are stages that have to happen to ensure that youÂ’re website will get you the ROI for the money you are spending. PersonaÂ’s need to be developed, brainstorming sessions, strategy sessions, design options, testing. Each stage has its own process and can take multiple revisions and feedback to move onto the next.

Content Creation:

The creation of content is one of the most time consuming parts of building a new website. Figuring out the right content, videos and pictures can take hours and more likely days. Especially if messaging changes, a picture that relayed one idea might not work on final copy, so everything needs to be completed with the end in mind. Pictures may need to be taken specifically for your site, so there is the added cost of hiring professional photographers to help.

Function / Integration

Do you need to integrate registration options, shopping carts, calendars, scheduling tools or other customized functionality? Some of these options are pretty straight forward, but depending on what tools your company is using, it may require updating your current processes or custom coding a system to make them work together.

Making sure that you get an ROI for your website redesign is one of the most important goals at iBec. Our expert team will ensure that your end goals are kept in mind throughout the whole process!


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