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Going Green - Composting

Going Green - Composting

Spring is here in Maine which means it’s gardening and lawn season and here at iBec we’ve started composting to help keep our gardens healthy and reduce waste! We make a lot of coffee here at the office and those coffee grounds, along with scraps and leftovers from lunches and happy hours, are a great addition to any compost heap.

Calculating iBec's carbon footprint

Calculating iBec's carbon footprint

When I was assigned the task of calculating the amount of carbon produced by a busy agency as a direct consequence of its day to day operations, I figured I would Google up a calculator or two, punch in some numbers, and call it a day. But I quickly realized that the calculators I was finding had two problems: they didn't allow for enough detail and didn't cover the electricity used for our web hosting. I therefore decided to do my own calculations. By: Steve Walls