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A pandemic positive?

A pandemic positive?

Mother Nature likes a hybrid workforce, too. Raise your glasses – iBec Creative has now been carbon neutral for two years! In this past year, we also met an unlikely ally that helped our environmental mission – the pandemic. In this blog, we’ll share exactly what offsetting carbon means, our own numbers, and how it’s changed with a hybrid model. We’ll also detail how you can act right now, especially since climate change may soon be powered by the home office.

iBec Creative is now a Benefit Corporation

iBec Creative is now a Benefit Corporation

It’s official – iBec Creative is now a Benefit Corporation here in Maine. It’s different from a B Corp (we are still in the process of getting certified as a B Corp), and we’re going to break it all down for you right here. We couldn’t be more excited to share this latest milestone in our journey, so let’s jump in!

Using Business as a Force for Good

Using Business as a Force for Good

We’re feeling so inspired this month, and it’s not just what we’re doing on our own B Corp journey. We’re also fueled by the collective good of our Maine entrepreneurs, and are blown away by the wonderful things happening in our state.

Calculating carbon neutral offsets and celebrating LD 846

Calculating carbon neutral offsets and celebrating LD 846

This month, we’d love to share two things with all of you. First, we’ll share our process for calculating carbon impact. It’s a pretty daunting requirement for the B Corp assessment, and we hope this will be helpful for fellow companies that have this on their to-do list. Then, we’ll share our experience providing a testimonial to the Maine Committee on Taxation to express our strong support for the Resolve to Promote Benefit Corporations (L.D. 846). Spoiler alert, there’s some good news to celebrate!

Getting closer to B Corp submission!

Getting closer to B Corp submission!

We just started our B Corp journey last month, and it’s been so nice knowing you’re all alongside us and cheering us on! We have some cool things to share this month, so let’s dive in. By: Becky McKinnell

Little Things Add Up: #1: Ecosia

Little Things Add Up: #1: Ecosia

Being more conscientious about your online behavior doesn't have to be effortful. Simply changing your default search engine can help plant millions of trees. Learn how.

iBec Starts its B Corp Journey!

iBec Starts its B Corp Journey!

iBec Creative, Portland, Maine’s award-winning digital agency, is becoming a B Corporation to create meaningful change in our world. By Becky McKinnell

Going Green - Composting

Going Green - Composting

Spring is here in Maine which means it’s gardening and lawn season and here at iBec we’ve started composting to help keep our gardens healthy and reduce waste! We make a lot of coffee here at the office and those coffee grounds, along with scraps and leftovers from lunches and happy hours, are a great addition to any compost heap.

Calculating iBec's carbon footprint

Calculating iBec's carbon footprint

When I was assigned the task of calculating the amount of carbon produced by a busy agency as a direct consequence of its day to day operations, I figured I would Google up a calculator or two, punch in some numbers, and call it a day. But I quickly realized that the calculators I was finding had two problems: they didn't allow for enough detail and didn't cover the electricity used for our web hosting. I therefore decided to do my own calculations. By: Steve Walls