Social SEO : The New World of Social Media & SEO

It’s as if Google threw a party & wasn’t sure how its guests would get along. Social brought a lot of friends & SEO a lot of statistics.

2013 has brought many new players to the SEO field. A place of excitement for me has been watching the gradual intermingling of the SEO and Social Media fields. It’s as if Google threw a party, and wasn’t sure how its guests would get along. Social brought a lot of friends and SEO a lot of statistics. After a few awkward songs the dj threw on some funk and everyone got down. A beautiful relationship was born.

SEO industry leaders have been rolling out social media apps in addition to their content analysis and website crawls. We also see a push for businesses to spend more time and effort in building an online presence for their brands on social media platforms. As summer proceeds in full swing we see all the buzz coming to fruition. Welcome to the new age of Social SEO.

With Google rolling out their new Google Maps and Google+ Business Pages this year and the continuous growth in platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, it is easy to see the importance of both SEO and Social Media departments working together for the common good of a company.

It just makes sense.

So, here’s some things you need to know (in case you don’t already):

  1. Your online business presence grows with each Social Platform you are actively participating on (and your viewers are engaging back with you).
  2. Even if Google makes an algorithm change (alters the way they calculate rankings in search engine result pages), if you have a strong social networking, your company's online presence has a better chance of survival. 
  3. Google+ pages and Google Maps are important for your local listing, so claim your listing and make sure the information is up to date! 
  4. A strong social presence drives more traffic to your website. 
  5. More traffic to your website = higher page authority = higher rankings.
  6. Well written, authentic content remains incredibly important in all aspects of SEO & Social, so take some time and care into what you are writing.

In conclusion, it is important to make sure you are integrating your SEO strategies into your social media networking campaigns in order to build and maintain your brand's online presence.

Set up a social calendar to organize when and what to post on each social media platform and start building a strong community around your business.

Oh, and be sure to have fun with it!

Now, go out there and get social!


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