Aug 07, 2015

See the Keywords People Use to Find Your Site

In this week's tip we're talking about Google's Webmaster Tools!


Webmaster Tools

Confused about the new changes to the organic search query report in Google Analytics? Are you seeing ‘not provided’ as a result when you try to find out what your organic search queries are? Well you are not alone. If you’re interested in knowing what search queries people are typing into Google to see, and/or, click on your website, you need to create a Webmaster Tools account. Seeing what people are organically searching for could give you ideas on what content your site is missing and how you can improve it to increase the likelihood that individuals will click through to your site. Also, if you link your Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics accounts together, you can easily access these queries in your Google analytics account. Once you’ve allowed these two accounts to speak to one another, you can see a full organic search report in your Google Analytics account by going to:

  1. The Reporting tab in your analytics account

  2. The ‘Acquisition’ dropdown

  3. The ‘Search Engine Optimization’ dropdown