Saving time with text expansion

Do you write consecutive emails containing similar information?

Does this seem like a trick question to you?

Then, chances are you will highly benefit from using a text expansion tool within your workflow.

What is text expansion and why should I use it?

Have you ever wanted to type one word to trigger an entire email response? With text expansion you can!

Text expansion provides the ability to create your own database of pre-defined phrases and information that will save you literally hours of time within your workflow.

Text expansions are set up using a content field and an abbreviation field. The abbreviation can then be used to trigger the content of the expansion. (ie. Typing ;address can paste your current address)

Using text expansion to save time writing emails

Text expansion within emails, and live chat applications, can be integral to your job as speed and quality of service are expected by consumers when dealing with computers. Using pre-defined responses and greetings can drastically increase productivity.

Using text expansion to correct typos

Because you are using pre-written text you will never have to worry about typographical errors while sending messages.

Displaying information (date/time)

Text expanders also usually have the ability to display system information such as date and time which are often useful while writing emails.

Mobile text expansion

Text expansion does not stop at the desktop -- you can use your shortcuts on your mobile device as well! Apple's iOS already offers a shortcuts feature within the settings of the device. Android users have several options to choose from but Textspansion has proven to be the most popular.

Some of the most popular desktop text expansion applications include

TextExpander (Mac)
Snippets (Mac)
PhraseExpress (Windows)
Texter (Windows)


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