Promotion in new places: Emails Signatures

We send hundreds of emails a week, so why not start making your emails work to promote your business?

One of the easiest ways to do this is through using customized email signatures. Email signatures is a quick place to find contact information, so people look at them often. Adding a bit more information to your signature can increase your brand awareness and drive traffic to your website!

Check out some tips below on how to customize your emails to encourage traffic to your site and social media outlets, and promote your brand!



Get the Most Out of Your Email Signature

  1. After your basic contact information, make sure to add your website URL to the bottom of your signature. It will keep your website front and center.

  2. Add your twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn username. This gives viewers more options on how to connect with you and gives them an opportunity to find more information-- driving traffic to your site and other marketing outlets.

  3. Add your tag line. Reinforce your brand by adding your company's tagline to the bottom of your email signature to keep it in the minds of your audience.

  4. Promote. You can add brief announcements to your signature to promote events, and new blog post, or recent news.

Note: Don't go overboard! Email signatures should never be overwhelming, so keep it under 6 lines.


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