Promote Your Website!

You know that your company's website is a vital marketing and promotional tool, but it's important to remember that for it to deliver results, people need to know about it.

Below are some quick and easy ways to promote your website and encourage people to visit!



1. Print your website URL on other company materials like business cards, brochures, ads, packaging, and signs. It sounds obvious, but you may be surprised where you forgot to add it!

2. Add your website URL to your email signature.

3. If you send an e-newsletter, include only a portion of an article in the email with a "read more" link that will take a reader to your site for the rest of the article.

Note: To encourage visitors to return to your site often, it is important that your website is updated regularly and contains useful and interesting information for your target audience.

For more tips on promoting your website, check out our latest podcast, Quality Content!



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