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Steve's Operating System, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Linux

Steve's Operating System, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Linux

I don't like using OSX, and I definitely don't like using Windows. I find them bloated and full of things I don't want or need. The obligatory graphical interfaces are needlessly complex and full of visual clutter, bristling with sleek animations and distracting effects. I don't want to be entertained by my operating system. I just want it to manage my applications, processes, and windows. And I want it to do so quietly, unobtrusively, with a minimum of glitz and fuss. Where can a poor developer turn?

iBec Holiday Gift Guide 2018

iBec Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Don’t know where to begin with your holiday shopping? We’ll let you in on some of our favorite gifts ideas from our clients that will be sure to kick your holidays off right.

Your Guide to Ecommerce Holiday Planning

Your Guide to Ecommerce Holiday Planning

With Halloween quickly approaching, the holidays are almost in full swing, which is why it’s time to finalize your marketing strategy. Our mission is to empower retailers and ecommerce business owners to own their digital marketing process throughout the whole year. With the holidays fast-approaching and the new year right around the corner, this guide will touch on a few ways to take advantage of the 2018 holiday season.

How to Monetize Social Media

How to Monetize Social Media

Social media should be your business’s friend. Social media channels can act as a go-between for your company and customers, bring your brand to new audiences and give your products even greater visibility.

How to Foster Collaboration Between Designers and Developers

How to Foster Collaboration Between Designers and Developers

The traditional web agency workflow has been defined by handoffs – the project manager hands off the design brief to the designer, who hands that off to the developers, who hand it back to the project manager, who presents it to the client, who have changes and edits; then the whole cycle starts over again.

IGTV: Getting Started with Instagram's New Video Platform

IGTV: Getting Started with Instagram's New Video Platform

IGTV is available both within the Instagram app and as a separate app. The new Instagram platform acts as an extension of the current photo and video sharing social media network, but is meant for long form vertical video content.

A Guide to Selling on Amazon

A Guide to Selling on Amazon

Ecommerce giant, Amazon, dominates the industry of online shopping and accounts for a significant share of the ecommerce marketplace. Here are some impressive statistics that prove just how important it is to sell on Amazon. To learn more about the statistics, costs, and details of selling on Amazon, download our in-depth Guide to Amazon Commerce.