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Best Marketing Practices During COVID-19

Best Marketing Practices During COVID‑19

COVID-19 impacts us all in some way or another. As we look at how it has challenged our businesses, we can also seek opportunities for growth. We can implement internal practices to make this transition seamless as well as keeping our customers well-informed of any major changes.

Calculating iBec's carbon footprint

Calculating iBec's carbon footprint

When I was assigned the task of calculating the amount of carbon produced by a busy agency as a direct consequence of its day to day operations, I figured I would Google up a calculator or two, punch in some numbers, and call it a day. But I quickly realized that the calculators I was finding had two problems: they didn't allow for enough detail and didn't cover the electricity used for our web hosting. I therefore decided to do my own calculations. By: Steve Walls

Designing for Accessibility

Designing for Accessibility

Disability is commonly thought of as a human trait or attribute, however, disability is defined as the disconnect that occurs between a person’s needs and the environment, product, or service they’re interacting with. Eliminating these disconnects with the inclusion of things like curb cuts, non-visual crosswalk signals, braille on public signs, etc., can help accommodate for people with a range of different abilities.

No More Likes! Instagram’s Latest Update

No More Likes! Instagram’s Latest Update

Did you wake up and find yourself in a world with no likes? You’re not alone. Instagram is conducting a global test to see how use behavior changes when they hide the number of likes on user posts.

5 Influencer Marketing Tips

5 Influencer Marketing Tips

When building a social media presence for your business, there’s no platform more important than Instagram. With over 1 billion users accessing the site each month, Sprout Social reports that 50% of them are scrolling through content each and every day! Is your business appearing in their feeds?

Prepare Your Email Marketing for the 2019 Holiday Season

Prepare Your Email Marketing for the 2019 Holiday Season

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools available to today’s ecommerce companies, especially during the holiday season. Are you ready to grab a slice of this year’s ecommerce holiday pie? A few simple tips can make that happen. Let’s get cookin’!

Ecommerce Resolutions for 2019

Ecommerce Resolutions for 2019

2019 can be the year your brand finally implements those New Year’s resolutions that have been collecting dust since last January. There’s no secret formula that will make your resolutions easy, but we have some tips for making them smarter and easier to achieve without lowering your year’s expectations.