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SEO Friendly Content!

SEO Friendly Content!

There is no quick trick to search engine optimization, but there are ways to produce content that is SEO friendly. Below are some tips for writing strong content that will increase your site's SEO. Enjoy! Becky

iBec Hosts 2 Interns from Upward Bound

iBec Hosts 2 Interns from Upward Bound

Eric and Jessica, high school juniors from USM's Upward Bound Program, joined iBec for two days this week to learn about what it's like to work in a graphic and web design company. 

Facebook Privacy

Facebook Privacy

We all know the importance of actively using social media outlets, but it is also vital to be in control of your content on those outlets. Recently, Facebook has allowed third party advertisers access to user photos for their advertising purposes. This means that your photo could potentially end up in an unknown ad on Facebook. Don't fret though! You can avoid this by doing a quick settings adjustment. Becky

Stay on top of your Google Analytics!

Stay on top of your Google Analytics!

Google Analytics is an important tool for keeping track of your website statistics and making improvements. What you may not know is that one of the simplest ways to stay on top of your analytics is by customizing your dashboard and setting up email reports. Below is a how-to guide for customizing your analytics dashboard and scheduling email reports based on that dashboard. Enjoy!Becky

Use Social Media to Promote Your Video

Use Social Media to Promote Your Video

Sometimes it just takes someone to remind you to promote your videos online with social media! I have come across many sites that have videos, but when you click on them, you either have to download a file, they are not compatible on a Mac, and/or have to look around the site for the rest of them. The solution is easy- YouTube! Enjoy!Becky

3 Ways of Measuring Results Online

3 Ways of Measuring Results Online

Are you wondering how to measure results online? Google Analytics is a powerful tool, but most people don't know where to start! Read on to find out 3 key measurements to watch.Enjoy!Becky

Awesome tool to keep on the pulse of Social Media

Awesome tool to keep on the pulse of Social Media

There are lots of cool new tools out now for managing your social media. One issue that I have been having is being able to keep up with all of the different updates going on with each of the 3 sites that I follow: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Read on to see why I love this new browser add-on!   Enjoy!Becky