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How Mobile is Your Site?

How Mobile is Your Site?

Browsing the web via a Smartphone is becoming commonplace as the demand for quick access to information continues to grow. That said, nothing is more frustrating than looking at a takes-forever-to-load, garbled website on your iPhone or Blackberry. This poses the question, is your website mobile friendly? Check out the list below to see what's ideal for a mobile website.Enjoy!Becky

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the most popular social media outlet around and it continues to grow. In addition to profiles, groups, and fan pages; Facebook now offers pay-per-click advertising to help drive users to your fan page or group within Facebook or to drive traffic to your website. Check out the tips below for creating an effective Facebook ad for your business!Enjoy!Becky

Track Your Business' Buzz on Blogs

Track Your Business' Buzz on Blogs

There is a blog about everything today and new content is being posted to the web every second. It's important to find out and keep track of what bloggers are saying about your business and brand, so make monitoring easy with the following free online tools.Enjoy!Becky

Young entrepreneurs urge others to go for it

Young entrepreneurs urge others to go for it

PORTLAND — William Sulinski says part of the success of his company, AccelGolf, was the willingness to start transforming an idea into a real product.For AccelGolf, that product was a real-time scorecard, range finder and game analyzer that works on smartphones such as the iPhone and BlackBerry. Now just a few years old, the company is growing. AccelGolf users are increasing and the company has secured new investment funding for future projects, said Sulinski, 26.

Good News - A Maine Web Developer speaks

Good News - A Maine Web Developer speaks

A Maine Web Developer speaks. A key premise of a vibrant future for Maine’s creative economy says that with today’s technical mobility, people will choose Maine for its quality of life and still compete in the world arena. We will find much of our creativity from an army of small business technology firms.

YHP-Your Hidden Potential: Miss iBec Creative

YHP-Your Hidden Potential: Miss iBec Creative

A woman is capable to do more than a man – want proof? Let’s take a look at Becky Stockbridge, the president of iBec Creative, which was formerly known as MediCreative, a young female entrepreneur who has been elected to work with Port Resources Inc Board of Directors. Her ways of working wonders within the business world is proven to be full of styles and tactics yet successful.

Go Create the Next Company: Entrepreneurship for Those Under-30

Go Create the Next Company: Entrepreneurship for Those Under‑30

Becky Stockbridge McKinnell, Founder and President, iBec Creative. Recently named one of one of the Top 25 Entrepreneurs Under 25 by BusinessWeek, McKinnell is a USM grad and a leader in internet marketing. iBec Creative is a Portland-based graphic and web design company that’s setting its clients apart.

Vote on your favorite iBec Mobile Website!

Vote on your favorite iBec Mobile Website!

We in the process of launching a new line of service for mobile websites and are currently working on the premiere iBec mobile website. Help us decide which design to go with! Message @ibeccreative on twitter or reply on our fan page: