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Using Business as a Force for Good

Using Business as a Force for Good

We’re feeling so inspired this month, and it’s not just what we’re doing on our own B Corp journey. We’re also fueled by the collective good of our Maine entrepreneurs, and are blown away by the wonderful things happening in our state.

How to Master the Art of Writing Alt Text

How to Master the Art of Writing Alt Text

Whether you’re a novice or an expert at writing alt text, this guide will share the best tips and tricks for turning hidden text into an accessible user experience.

The Anatomy of a Brand

The Anatomy of a Brand

Logo generators make it feel simple for small businesses to hit the ground running. But without substance or thought, it’s easy to see when a brand falls short. We’ll dive into the importance of creating a solid brand identity.

Calculating carbon neutral offsets and celebrating LD 846

Calculating carbon neutral offsets and celebrating LD 846

This month, we’d love to share two things with all of you. First, we’ll share our process for calculating carbon impact. It’s a pretty daunting requirement for the B Corp assessment, and we hope this will be helpful for fellow companies that have this on their to-do list. Then, we’ll share our experience providing a testimonial to the Maine Committee on Taxation to express our strong support for the Resolve to Promote Benefit Corporations (L.D. 846). Spoiler alert, there’s some good news to celebrate!

Contributing to Maine B Corp resources

Contributing to Maine B Corp resources

While we’re still working hard on the B Corp process, we’d like to share our current in-tandem project that we’re really excited about. We’re joining the business leaders spearheading the B Corp group in Maine to help launch a new Maine B Corp resource website. We’re volunteering our resources to help get this off the ground and raise awareness about B Corps in Maine. Curious to learn more about this, or if it’s something your business would like to be part of? We’re happy to share a sneak peek into these early stages! By: Becky McKinnell

Getting closer to B Corp submission!

Getting closer to B Corp submission!

We just started our B Corp journey last month, and it’s been so nice knowing you’re all alongside us and cheering us on! We have some cool things to share this month, so let’s dive in. By: Becky McKinnell

Little Things Add Up: #1: Ecosia

Little Things Add Up: #1: Ecosia

Being more conscientious about your online behavior doesn't have to be effortful. Simply changing your default search engine can help plant millions of trees. Learn how.

iBec Starts its B Corp Journey!

iBec Starts its B Corp Journey!

iBec Creative, Portland, Maine’s award-winning digital agency, is becoming a B Corporation to create meaningful change in our world. By Becky McKinnell